Kindergarten Virtual School: Quarter 1 Extended – Pre-Printed Curriculum




Pre-printed and shipped to your home!

Don’t worry about having to print your curriculum for Virtual School!  We’ll have it printed and shipped to your home so that you’re ready to use that week’s curriculum right away!  Choose between the Basic Bundle and the Advanced bundle.  The materials are printed in regular paper and with quality color.


This printed bundle includes all 13 weeks of quarter 1 curriculum PLUS the extra weekly activities printed. Each week is over 50 pages of activities – most that are instructed during the virtual daily session and extras to keep your child engaged all week.


This printed bundle includes everything the “basic bundle” includes weekly games and 2 additional levels of supplemental activities. It includes a “developmental” level to be used if your child needs a little extra work or needs a slower pace of instruction and an “advanced” level to encourage and engage those fast learners. The additional games section is “hands-on fun” to be used as an independent center, a game, or a review activity. These sections are broken into each week to make it easy to know what extra activities to grab!