Early Preschool Year Long Curriculum – Print Edition


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Research demonstrates that 90% of a child’s critical brain development occurs by age five.

We have made it our mission to provide a curriculum that meets the following criteria:

  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Meets the objectives developed by Teaching Strategies Gold
  • Provides not only an opportunity to expose children to high-quality activities, but allows the activities to be a social platform for parents to engage with their children.

All concepts are discussed each week, using different activities each week and each quarter. Every four weeks new letters and sight words are introduced; review weeks are also included.

Quarter 1 Activities included in each week:

  • Literacy story
  • Letter activity
  • Sight word activity
  • Beginning Sounds
  • CVC practice
  • Concept sorts
  • Sentence practice
  • Compound Task Mat
  • Listening
  • Number and shape match
  • Counting Practice
  • AB Patterns
  • Graphing
  • Sequencing
  • Shape sentences

At The Reading Corner, our goal is to teach children fundamental literacy and math concepts through engaging, hands-on learning. The unique advantage of our games and activities are that they are kid-tested and teacher approved. Every activity you find in our products has been presented in the classrooms at The Reading Corner. From there, our trained educators work alongside our eager students and give critical feedback that ensures the curriculum is the best it can be.

This Yearlong Early Preschool Curriculum draws children to the activities because they are fun and engaging, but are also developmentally appropriate. Children do not realize they are learning critical, foundational concepts. They become eager to learn: one of our primary objectives. Most importantly, they are making lifelong connections.