Literacy Stories & Flip and Reads

As we created The Reading Corner curriculum, we sat down as a team and decided which sight words children should know; in what sequence they should be written; and how often we should introduce new words. Literacy Stories follow the Sight Word scope embedded in our yearlong curriculum. The sentence strands get a little longer as the stories develop.

Fill Your Holidays With Teachable Moments

Like us, most children love the holidays. They sense something is different; there is excitement in the air, and they get excited when we start to decorate the house or make cookies. The holidays are full of opportunities to use your child’s excitement as motivation to engage in learning.

Number Sense

“Innumeracy” plagues many adults because they never were taught the importance of numbers. The solving of quantitative problems eventually becomes a phobia, and the inability to solve problems injures the development of a person’s self confidence and self reliance. Encouraging your child’s number sense in a non-threatening and fun way will help to make them lifelong learners who love to solve problems!